Broadcast today at 25:XNUMX "Yoshitaka Amano challenges Kyoto" [BS Nippon Television]


Program outline

World-famous artist Yoshitaka Amano, who works on the Final Fantasy series.
At the age of 70, Amano will challenge a new blockbuster that exceeds 3 meters.
The exhibition will be held at Daihonzan Myoshinji, the largest Zen temple in Japan.
New works by Yoshitaka Amano are lined up in the sanctuary hall, which features a giant painting of clouds and dragons by Tanyu Kano, an artist from the Edo period.
An unprecedented confrontation between the Edo Kano School and contemporary painters.
The camera approaches all behind the scenes of the timeless beauty co-star.

Broadcast schedule: Monday, November 11, 28:25-on BS Nippon Television