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Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum is
This is a first-of-its-kind art museum that showcases Yoshitaka Amano's previous works in 3DCG and displayed in a virtual space.
That work dances, jumps out, and above all, it can be included in the work!
With the latest technology, we have made the maximum of imagination virtual.
The virtual space is created to match each exhibited work.
Various areas will be added even after the release.Please look forward to it!
  • CANDY GIRL reference image
  • CANDY GIRL reference image
  • CANDY GIRL reference image


In the exhibition area "CANDY GIRL", works from the CANDY GIRL series are transformed into 3DCG.
In addition to viewing the works from various angles in the exhibition room,
This is an area where you can see CANDY GIRL in action!
Please enjoy every corner of the new charm of CANDY GIRL expressed in virtual space.

Yoshitaka Amano
virtual golden world coming soon

The "Yoshitaka Amano 'Golden World' Special Project" held at Myoshinji Taizoin in Kyoto in November 2022 will be recreated in a virtual space.
A number of works painted on golden canvases with gold leaf and foil stamping are on display.Some of the works have been converted into 3DCG, allowing you to appreciate them in a unique way in virtual space.
In addition, the main art "Golden Zushi" drawn by Yoshitaka Amano has been recreated in 3DCG. You can freely enjoy viewing from any direction in 360 degrees.
*This area will be implemented at a later date.
Yoshitaka Amano



Painter, character designer, book designer.
Also involved in performing arts and costume design.

Born in Shizuoka City in 1952
Joined Tatsunoko Production, an animation production company in 1967.
Worked on character design for anime such as "Time Bokan" under the name of Yoshitaka Amano
In charge of logos and image illustrations for the "FINAL FANTASY" series since 1987
In charge of performing arts for "Yang Guifei" in 1992
1993 Released the video work "Yoshitaka Amano -The World of Gorgeous Fantasy Beauty-"
In charge of stage art and costume design for "Kaijin Bessou" in 1994
In charge of costume design for the 2001 movie "Onmyoji"
In charge of directing the 2007th night of the 7 movie "Ten Nights of Dreams"